Responsorial Psalms
(in psalm number order)

Psalm 1

Blessed Are They

Psalm 15
Psalm 96

Today Is Born A Savior

The One Who
Does Justice

Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds

Psalm 16
Psalm 96

You Are My
Inheritance, Lord

Psalm 18

I Love You, Lord,
My Strength

Psalm 97

A Light Will Shine On Us

Psalm 19

Your Words, Lord,
Are Spirit And  Life

Sing A New Song To The Lord

Psalm 98
Psalm 19

The Precepts
Of The Lord

Psalm 98

All The Ends Of The  Earth

Psalm 23

The Lord Is
My Shepherd

Psalm 103

The Lord Is Kind And Merciful

Psalm 104

O Bless The Lord, My Soul

Psalm 24

Lord, This Is
The People

I Will Walk Before
The Lord (ii)

Psalm 116
Psalm 25

To You, O Lord

The Lord Has Done
​Great Things

Psalm 126
Psalm 33

​​​Lord, Let Your
Mercy Be On Us

Psalm 128

May The Lord
​Bless Us

Psalm 34 (I)

Taste and See (I)

Lord, Go Up To The Place Of Your Rest

Psalm 132
Psalm 34 (ii)

Taste and See (ii)

In The Sight Of The Angels

Psalm 138
Psalm 34 (iii)

Taste and See (iii)

Psalm 146

Praise The Lord, My Soul

Psalm 45

The Queen Stands

Isaiah 12

Cry Out With Joy

Psalm 54

The Lord Upholds
My Life

You Are The Highest Honor ​​

Judith 13
Psalm 67

May God Bless Us 

Psalm 72

I Will Sing Of Your Salvation

Psalm 72

Lord, Every Nation On Earth 

Psalm 78

The Lord Gave
​Them Bread

Psalm 80

Lord, Make Us Turn To You

Psalm 84

Blessed Are They

Psalm 90

Fill us with Your Love, O Lord

Psalm 93

The Lord Is King